Importance Of My Education

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MY EDUCATION Education is one of the most important things in life. You have to work hard for your education to have a good job and you need good grades for college. For me, I went to different schools, and some schools I went to were Arabic curriculum and some English curriculum. My best school was a school with English curriculum. I was about two years and a half when I went to a housing school. I spend a year in that housing school, and my aunt daughter was with me in that house school. Two teachers (Mrs.luma and Mrs. Abeer) held the house school. The school was about studying simple things. We studied about numbering and knowing the English calendar. They use to have activities like bowling, cooking, and seeing movies. Most of the time we use to do color images and play with the games or toys they have. The housing school uses to have many toys, and the toys were in a big box. The school uses to have about twelve big boxes of toys, and we use to enjoy playing with them a lot. At the end of the year, everyone is questioned about what do they want to be and at the last day of the housing school, we get dressed on what we choose.After finishing the Aramco housing school, I went to King Fahad KG School. In that school, I spent two years in with my aunt daughter. We use to study Arabic and English subjects. However, the English and Arabic subjects that we use to study were necessary things. I had many pleasant memories there, and some of the lovely memories were
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