Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience With A Pastor

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That next week I met with my pastor, it was kind of a counseling session. I explained to him what took place and like I’m sure you are assuming he thought I was imagining things or at least exaggerating things. He actually did not denounce everything I was saying, but thought that most of it was unlikely. He of course directed to my heart. It is true that I should not respond in fear. However I continued to plead with my pastor attempting to convince him that this was happening and attempting to explain it the best that I could. But again, he wanted to direct me toward my heart and work on my response. So I left his office and did feel better and appreciated his counsel and friendship which I really needed at this time. So I left there thinking…show more content…
Not precisely first I have no genuine proof that they are troubling me as I explained and they recognize that. Secondly, that force is so disturbing that it makes it problematic to execute those types of actions for it literally confines you and aggravates you making it difficult to say or accomplish anything thus I am writing this 4 years later. So continuing with the specifics regarding them moving into my apt building I recognized it was them right away it was obvious when they began to execute these things that I have been describing waving their hands to confuse and drive me senseless and making loud noises. No exaggeration, every night I would hear really loud noises coming from upstairs on the side of me all around the building so loud and disturbing that it was sometimes almost unbearable. Keep in mind they are professionals and know exactly how and what sounds to make to aggravate, it the right way when I say it I am referring to the “force”. In addition, they recognize who they are dealing with they are familiar with the personnel meaning they know the person that they are attempting to lure in and aggravate all the more. To be more specific they know what could possibly make me more afraid, confused and difficult to function while one person may not be afraid as another person in one area someone else may be

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