Personal Narrative: My Future Team Experience

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One lesson that I learned regarding future team experiences is that a team name and a contract are crucial. This was also my first time creating a Gantt chart and I intend to use them in all my future team projects, it’s a great way to stay organized and make sure everything is on track. A contract cuts down on confusion, I have had way too many team projects where the consequences of not participating were unclear, some team members had no idea what their responsibilities were, who was in charge of what parts, when team meetings were, and when team due dates were. For previous team projects, I always tried to create an outline, but a contract and a Gantt chart really helped tremendously and I realized that the starting/planning stages of any team are crucial to the long-term success of a team. I also learned the importance of how my attitude during a training could influence the trainees’. I personally have only ever considered the content of what I wanted to teach the trainees’. For my previous presentations, I never kept in mind the visual and verbal cues I was presenting during a training. Also, not using notes, made me look better prepared and more informed in the eyes of the trainees’. Next time I am preparing and practicing for a presentation for future teams, I am…show more content…
Also, it helped me to better identify what kind of learning methods and activities would help to best facilitate the learning of different types of objectives. I learned the importance of pre-assessments. I now understand that every training should be centered around what the trainees’ specific needs are. Even if it is training on the same topic, depending on the specific group of trainees’, your training objectives could be completely
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