Importance Of My Grandmother's House

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Place Essay A place that is very important to me is my grandma’s home. Imagine being surrounded by the smell of pine trees and fresh baked cookies. My grandma’s house is huge; it has an upstairs and a downstairs; she lives in a small town called Vida. She has many trees all around her house. Although Vida is kind of far away we visit often. My grandma loves having guests and always welcomes everyone in her home.My grandma’s house looks small on the outside, but it is actually huge on the inside. Even though my grandma lives in a town, we are still able to do things like riding dirtbike, shooting at targets, and many more things. First, one of the reasons that my grandma’s house is important to me is because grandma’s house is typically the place where visiting family members go and stay ( they stay at my grandma’s house because my grandma’s house has many spare rooms; and also because my grandma is very welcoming ). The first time seeing my nephews was at my grandma’s house. When my nephews were young I could not play very much with them because I feared that I…show more content…
At my grandma’s house we do relaxing things like watching football ( my family are big fans of sports ). My grandparents like the Vikings; but I personally like the Raiders. It is the simple things that make me feel so comfortable at my grandma’s home; like when Taylor makes his famous milkshakes. Taylor’s milkshakes are normally chocolate flavored; whenever Taylor makes them, he always makes enough for everyone to have two. Another reason why I feel comfortable at my grandma’s house is because we always celebrate Christmas at her house. I spent my first Christmas with my nephews at my grandma’s house. A lot of people go to my grandma’s house for Christmas; the people that normally go is Shay, Taylor, Onesti, Morgan, my grandparents, my dad, my mom, me, and my nephews Xavier and
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