Biography Of Ryan Rivera Essay

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My name is Ryan Rivera. There are many places and things I have been able to go to and see in my life. I will describe some of these things in the next paragraphs. Hope you will enjoy learning a little about my life. I was born in Texas in August 1999 while my mom was visiting her family. When I was five months old, I moved to Japan. My dad had been stationed in Japan with the Air Force since September 1997. I was able to live there until I was until I was six. While living there, I went to daycare and was able to go on many field trips. We went to Tokyo Disneyland, Sesame Park and also the Dinosaur Park. I also attended Yokota Elementary School there for Pre-Kinder and Kinder. While we lived there, we were able to see snow for the…show more content…
We went from Plymouth to Santander on the ferry for my dad’s last duty station. We moved to Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. We were supposed to move there for two years but ended up staying for three years. My dad retired from the Air Force out of Spain. I went to school at Rota Middle High School. It was ok. The school was so much smaller than the school I attended in England. While here in Southern Spain, I really didn’t do much outside of the house. I no longer wanted to play sports. I just wanted to play video games and chat with my friends online. I did have some friends at school, but didn’t really hang out with them outside of school. I had been traveling so much most of my life and just wanted to enjoy being home. My grandma and aunt and her family and other people came to visit us while we were living there. They came out for my brother’s graduation from high school. He graduated while in Spain and had to move to the United States all by himself to go to University. It felt so different without him being home. I no longer had someone to argue with. When my dad retired, we moved to Texas. This is my first time really living in the United States the last time was when I was
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