Importance Of My Life In The Military

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Joining the military was the best self investment that I have ever made. Before I joined the United States Army, I was an average day citizen. I use to work a twelve hour shift, four times per week job. At Walmart Distribution Center. Even though the pay was average, I took pride into every aspect of my job, but at the end of every work day, I would leave feeling unfulfilled and without purpose. I decided to join the military in hope to find direction in my life. Life in the military has changed me in many ways. One effect the military has had one me was that it made me become more grateful to be an American. Currently, I have been stationed in South Korea for the pass eighteen months with six more to go. While being stationed in Korea, I given the opportunity to experience their way of life, their culture, and the uncomfortness of living in a hazardous environment through my fellow South Korean…show more content…
According to John C. Maxwell “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” The military has taught me the important and the fundamentals of leadership through various forms, of training. In order an Army enlisted soldier to receive a promotion from the rank of Specialist to Sergeant, the solider must attend a thirty day training session called BLC (Basic Leadership Course). While attending soldiers are taught the basics of an Army leader through different classroom courses, field training exercises, and how to be an effective leader. Before I joined the Army, my definition of a leader was a person or thing that leads other people or things. My knowledge of a leader was simple and basic due to the fact that I never had to lead, now my understanding of a leader has changed through serving in the military. A person can be taught the skills necessary to become a leader but it’s up to the individual to utilize those tools of knowledge and be an efficient
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