Importance Of My Passion For Counseling

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Counseling has not always been my passion. Since a young girl, I wanted to be a nurse because of my desire to help others. After getting my medical assistant certification, I realized nursing was not for me. It took me several years to determine the direction my professional life would take. Through a pastoral assistant position, I discovered a passion for counseling, even though I had no formal training I enjoyed listening to others and trying to help them find a path to wholeness. Even though other factors contributed to my pursuit of a counseling degree, ultimately, this experience was beginning of my journey. Another factor in my decision was my family’s history of mental illness. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I observed various family members struggling with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Watching them suffer in silence gave me a desire to help people who view mental illness as a stigma. My desire increased and compelled me to pursue a counseling degree. Several years ago, I received counseling because I was struggling with depression. Not only did I find help for depression but I learned to deal with my emotions in a healthy way and developed self-awareness. Counseling was life-changing for me, which further strengthened my desire to help others. Pursuing a degree in psychology was the best decision I ever made. It has been challenging but life-altering as I learned new things. One of the most exciting things was exploring the different counseling

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