History Of Work Experience Essay

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Working in America is a daily grind that nobody would admit that they actually enjoy; however, working is an essential agenda that most people follow. Due to my past work experience, I have learned quite a lot about what I desire in the near future. I am currently 19 years old, and have maintained a consistent income for the past 5 years. Additionally, most of my peers and friends have lacked to attain similar work experience, which is something I believe has propelled myself into a headstart. Also, one of the greatest things about my work experience is the job diversity I have possessed. Furthermore, my history of jobs include: Restaurant dishwasher, Subway sandwich artist, Pizza Hut cook, a deer processing & catering business, lifeguarding, and working…show more content…
Ever since I was a young boy, money has always been a huge motive for myself. I have always been fascinated with the power money has. Coincidentally, after receiving income from some of my first jobs, I quickly discovered how passionate I am about acquiring currency. So, for vrtually my entire life, I have planned on putting my focus towards making the most money, and more than likely attempting to be an entrepreneur. Personal fulfillment, a flexible schedule, making proper connections, and just enjoying life have always been something I’ve strived for, but have never been above money in my personal hierarchy. As much as I still adore that plan, my mind, like most things, went through a small altercation. When I first attended Kirkwood this previous fall, I landed a work-study position working for the Boy’s & Girl’s Club of Cedar Rapids. I was assigned to Hoover elementary. Like any other job, I was provided a schedule. I worked Monday-Friday from 3-6, with a few minor exceptions. One day as I was sitting with the kids, it all struck me at once: maybe this is my calling in life. For some reason, I
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