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The N word is the most powerful word in the black community. A word used for a label ‘’less than’’ in some contents. It has so many different meanings and sayings it 's so complex for anyone to use. Overtime, the connotation of ‘’Nigger’’ has evolved to ‘’Nigga.’’ Nigga is used as a form of slang and is one of the most popular words used today. The term is used in today’s slang, among African American groups and hip hop musicians. The word is so versatile so many people try to use it but... it’s the wrong people. Blacks have the right to take a word that is deep in racism and use however they see fit to give it a new meaning. White people simply cannot because it 's impossible to separate from its history as a disgusting racial slur and a vestige of centuries of enslavement and mistreatment. I simply think no one, no matter their race, ethnicity or color should be able to pronounce it since the term has so many meanings when said to an individual.
The N-word is probably the most emotionally and historically charged word there is in English. In today’s society, people mostly hear it from genre of music called hip hop. The n-word needs to be banned
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When teaching the N-word, at every level, every teacher that teaches history or language arts need to be aware on how to go about the word. When myself was a young age, I first heard the word, in Martin Luther King Jr. ‘’I believe’’ speech. At the time, I knew it was a word to describe black people but I didn’t understand what the word truly meant and could care less. The young society likes to say and do what they see older people doing. If the teachers in today 's education teach that the N-word is not a word we should use, in the little kids mind, they will know that the N-word is a bad word and that they (kids) should not say it. Knowing how to handle situations particularly with the N-word is important because kids need to know the right meaning behind it in order to understand on why to not say it in bad

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