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Narco-analysis has been quite a debated topic in the past when comes to deciding its evidentiary value by the judiciary. Certain landmark cases happened in the past have also made it a debatable topic between the media and the common people. But since criminals are getting all sorts of technologies to commit a crime, if the police uses the old traditional methods of seeking the information from the criminals, then police with remain nothing more than a crippled organization. With the development of various scientific methods being used in a manner harmful to the society, it falls on the shoulders of the judiciary to make a conclusive decision on the admissibility and relevancy of any statement made under the influence of any torpor or subjecting…show more content…
The most important of all is determining the scope and interpretation of Section 45 of Indian Evidence act, 1872. Though the section does not explicitly states anything about the scientific methods to extract information from the accused such as narco-analysis or polygraph test or brain mapping but it does talk about that when court is in any kind of doubt, they may on some point of science consider an expert’s opinion to become sure of their judgment. Now since this particular study is focused on determining the value of Narco-analysis and its effects on the accused as a whole. Narco-analysis: “This test involves the intravenous administration of a drug (such as sodium pentothal, scopolamine and sodium amytal) that causes the subject to enter into various stages of anaesthesia. In the hypnotic stage, the subject becomes less inhibited and is more likely to divulge information, which would usually not be revealed in the conscious state. He or she may also divulge all his/her fantasies, personal wishes, impulses, instinctual drive, illusions, delusions, conflicts, misinterpretations,…show more content…
So any information received by the accused, any discovery made in reference to the information extracted will be admissible in the eyes of the court tough that testimony may not be admissible in

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