Romeo And Juliet And Chante Narrative Essay

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“Movies are a combination of art and science” (Field, 2005:2), which means that without the correct science behind art, art is just an idea. When looking at films, it is apparent that there is a huge amount of structure behind it and is further evident when observing the art as you perceive what the artist saw before actually creating the artwork. In story-telling, the script writer/author has a picture of the end product before it is written.
Narrative usually connects with actions or events that affect us as humans. In our term project, ‘Romeo and Juliet…and Chante’, the events in the story affect Juliet as a person - whom the narrative is ultimately based on - her emotions, her actions and how the incidents in the story affect
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This means that our emotions control us and when we are to emotional we don’t think logically; instead of using logical thinking we tend to think without emotions and act on how we feeling in that moment which could ultimately cause havoc. The claims made by Ekman applies to our term project as our main character, Juliet, acts on her emotions and makes a huge decision because she is distraught, ultimately leaving a fatally negative impact in the end. Emotional relevance can be seen as the inner journey of the character, as well as the change and need for something, in other words this can be seen as the protagonist goal. In our script, Juliet is the protagonist, her character is established when she decided to make fun of the antagonist Chante. It is evident that Juliet is in love with Romeo and her main goal is for them to be together, however, Chante is presented as an obstacle that prevents her from being with Romeo and she therefore decides that her need is to get rid of Chante. In the end, however, Juliet suffers due to her flaw, which is seen as her jealousy, insecurity, pride and controlling personality, which is seen throughout the production from when she has control over Romeo to when she loses her

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