Difference Between Nationalism And Global Security

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2.4 Nationalism and Global Security
There is a worldwide resurgence of the nationalist pitch in politics. A globally surging separatist oratory is slowly and surely pushing back the strides made towards an international integration. To every nation, community and ethnic group the outside world, ‘the other’ has become a den of enmity and hostility. This kind of nationalism poses a serious threat to World. To a nationalist there is no country greater than his; his maximum loyalty is toward his racial or national group, overriding any other allegiance; he is ready to do whatever it takes, (however depraved, illegal, harsh it may be, even if it causes harm and pain to others) so long as it furthers his objectives. The patriot is more pragmatic, has a broader vision and knows that every nation is grand to its citizens. He does not believe his outclasses the others; he simply knows that there is a lot of good in his country and also plenty that can be changed for the better. Even as he takes pride in it he has the courage to criticize the wrongs he sees and always endeavors towards bringing about profitable change.
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Banning of Visa’s to seven countries, ending the US involvement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and strict immigration policies will damage world more than they will do good to
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