Importance Of Nationalism

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There is no precise definition of nationalism to begin with, from what I’ve understood about nationalism is that, it is a feeling of oneness, or togetherness and of a common consciousness of large group of people based on many factors such as historical, religious, linguistic, racial, cultural, psychological and political. The importance of nationalism is very debatable, I believe it’s very important for a nation for it progress and proper functioning to maintain and develop nationalistic feeling in its people, but it shouldn’t be forced. Nationalistic feelings need to be seeded naturally in a nation and not under artificial environment or by any propaganda. Today, in the 21st century, with globalization and advanced connectivity with the internet and technology, our world has become a smaller place and presumably it effects nationalism. It is interesting to observe how nationalism still thrives in the current environment where nationalistic feelings can be easily diluted and how important it is to keep it sustained. In the discourse of my essay, I will explore the different definitions of Nationalism, the nationalist ideal; briefly explain the history of nationalism and discuss how migration and diaspora create cultural, economic and social networks, analyze nationalism in India, and whether nationalism based on religion is a driving force in world politics today. It is important to firstly understand the essence of nationalism and its history completely, before trying to

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