Importance Of Natural Resources Essay

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Natural resources are play important role for sustaining life of all living forms on earth. Due to development activity, uses of modern technology and blindly running after development progress so it impacts on natural resources also due to these kind of activity responsible for climate change now this condition become unfavorable for all living forms. Here throws light on one of the natural resource is water. Water is life and livelihood for people, it is basic need of human being. There are many uses of water like survival, cleaning agent also it necessary for agriculture. In the past people uses water as per their need and they conserve it but present scenario is changed now people need based approach become greed based approach this lead to unsustainable development.
When we see the tribal culture they protect and conserve the natural resources because they depend on it also their livelihood depends on it. Tribal people believe in community resources and on natural resources their traditional right but present and earlier situation is same because their traditional right hardly safeguard because colonial period British snatched their right now same apply to new form of colonialism so people participation goes away and community resource
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It is shows that surface and ground water availability is around 1,869 billion cubic meters. But around 40% is not available for use because of geological and topographical reason like salinity. Around 4,000 BCM of fresh water is available through rain and snow but most of which returns to sea water via rivers. 92 % of ground water used in agriculture sector, 5 % of water used in industrial and 3% used in domestic sector. While 9 % of surface water use for agriculture sector, 2 % use in industrial and 9% use in domestic sector. In 1955, the per capita availability was 5,300 cubic meters per person per year, which came down to 2,200 cu. m
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