Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience In My Life

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It was a beautiful day and the conditions were perfect, so we loaded up the bikes and headed for the trails. About an hour into our ride I really started to admire the woods around us and think about how lucky we are to have something like this so close to home. At about that time my front tire hit a root that shot me off the trail and sent tumbling down a small ledge into a cluster of bushes. I learned two lessons that day the first one was to appreciate and respect the outdoors that we are lucky enough to have, and the second lesson was to pay attention while mountain biking. Since then my life has basically revolved around nature, whether it’s something simple like playing catch in the backyard or hunting, everything I enjoy doing depends on nature. Nature is the central theme in my life, all of my hobbies revolve around it, all of my dreams and goals are centered on it, and it is the one thing that I know will help settle my nerves and get me to relax. Mountain biking, rock climbing, hunting, fishing, camping, kayaking, tubing, and a game of catch, all have two things in common, number one they don’t have the letters Q or Z, but more importantly the second thing,…show more content…
Nature isn 't just providing the food and water that keeps me alive it is the only thing that stops me from living a meaningless, boring life in an asylum. The modern lifestyle isn 't as reliant on the outdoors as it once was, but nature still means everything to me. Nature is my safe place it is the home of all of my hobbies and it is the only thing that relates to my goals. I think Vince Lombardi came close When he said “winning isn 't everything it 's the only thing,” if you replace the word winning with nature then I think he had it because nature along with family has become the only thing that matters to

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