Essay On Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality is also known as Open Internet and Internet Neutrality.
Net neutrality is the principle that to treat all the data on the internet in same way by Internet Service Providers (ISP) not discriminate or changing differently by users, applications, and websites.
The idea of an open internet is that all the resources of the internet to operate it easily by each individual and companies; this includes ideas like net neutrality and transparency. It is closely related to open source software or free internet. Net neutrality is an important component of an Open Internet where policies like equal treatment on data and open website standards allows to easily communicate and do business without any interference
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This idea allowed the internet to grow into global network and allowed the people to express freely. The most important Net Neutrality has implemented the field on the internet, if we need to start a website no need of large investments or connection, they just need a host to the website. If services are good, it will be in the favour of web users, which is dissimilar cable TV where you have to produce partnership with cable connection providers to make sure that channel reaches the viewers, on internet you don’t need to talk to the Internet Service Providers. This has encouraged to open the website like Google, Face Book and Twitter are started the websites with basics and now they succeeded because of net neutrality, which allows web users to access those websites in easy way.
No Net Neutrality:
If there is no net neutrality, Internet service providers will have power to create their own internet traffic, so that they can extract more benefit from it. For example the service providers can charge more for companies for the services like YouTube, because it consumes more bandwidth comparing to normal websites.
As we know without Net Neutrality internet will not exist, instead of free access to the websites the service providers will charge more for the customers. There can be different speed for
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