Importance Of New Year's Resolutions

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New Year’s Resolutions New Year’s Resolutions are common throughout our ever changing world and have been for numerous years. Beginning with the barbarians, who were said to have been the first to make New Year’s Resolutions nearly 4000 years ago, and continuing throughout history. The main difference between our New year 's resolutions and the barbarians is the date. The only time the date changed was with Julius Caesar, who established the beginning of the year beginning January 1, before him, the beginning of the year was in mid-march. Not only are these New Year Resolutions are important to us, but also our nation. Meaning, everyone should make these goals and work to fulfill them. These resolutions, if followed through with, will improve our everyday lives. My goals to fulfill include first, I will save money. Second, I will talk to more people and last, I will keep over a 3.9 GPA. Saving money is an important part of everyday life because with more money saved more money is available to save us from debt or to help accomplish large goals. Therefore, My resolution is to save money. This resolution and the reason I am pursuing it is due to a Yamaha Banshee. The imperative reasoning for a Yamaha Banshee is, I love two-strokes, four-wheelers and furthermore, I love powerful motorized vehicles, a Banshee is the perfect combination. As of right now I possess a dirtbike that I do love. Unfortunately, in this weather, it is a nightmare. In the event that I have confidence in

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