Importance Of News Values In Journalism

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Engaging Audiences: News Values In this essay I intend to discuss the importance of “News Values” in journalism and how these news values are used to engage audiences. Journalist do not decide what stories to cover based on their “gut feeling” or their “nose for news”. (Randall, 2011) Instead they calculate a stories worth using a set of “news values which have been learned and rapidly applied”. (Randall, 2011) The term “News Values” can also be referred to as “News Criteria”. According to Franklin (2009), news values are the somewhat “mythical” criteria set by journalist to judge the newsworthiness of an event so that our stories can appeal to our “target audience” This makes it easier for journalist to identify what stories to report. According to Randall (2011) the role of a newspaper is to find out fresh information on matters of public interest and to relay it as quickly and as accurately as possible to readers in an honest and balanced way. Menchers (2006) goes further by saying the role of news is to provide information for people so they “can use to help them make sound decisions about their lives.”…show more content…
This is where the concept of news values is used. News values are essential to journalist as it ensures that their stories will be of the publics and in the publics interest. News values are constantly changing with time as it depends solely on the audiences

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