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Role of Newspaper In Today’s Media. Let’s just imagine one day without newspapers. Imagining such a situation is also very difficult. So we realize how important newspapers are to us nowadays. Newspapers form an essential part of modern civilization. Its main idea is to supply us with everyday news related to the latest happenings in the world. It is the print mode of communication. Definition of news paper. What is Newspaper? 1) A paper which is printed daily and weekly and that contains news articles, opinions, features and advertisings. 2) A set of large sheets of papers that have news stories, information about local issues, political issues, advertisements, etc and sold on daily or weekly bases. Importance of Newspaper. Why newspaper is…show more content…
Magazines 3. Books IMPORTANCE OF NEWSPAPER IN TODAYS MEDIA: Media has always played a very huge role in our society. Newspaper is also a very important source of media today. When there was no newspaper in this world people used to read books in order to get to know about various things but now newspaper has given ease to many people in many fields.  Newspaper is such a media that consist of a wide audience. Business class and middle class people both prefer reading it  Through newspaper new laws and taxes armies and there movement is told to the public of the country.  Newspaper authorities has made very rapid changes in this media from print Now this is also electronic media (available online on the internet). So people can have excess to it in any from.  Newspaper can help in improving reading and skills.  As there are many advantages there are also few DISADVANTAGES of this media. • Illiterate people who are not educated cannot use this media. • A lot of trees are cut down in order to make newspaper. So this media is also effecting our environment. • Dum and deaf people cannot read newspaper. • Publication of newspaper is done once or twice a day instead television tells latest updates after every hour. So it is a slow

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