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1. INTRODUCTION The NTFPs have been defined by FAO (1993) as “goods for commercial industrial or subsistence uses derived from forests and their biomass, which can be sustainably extracted from a forest ecosystem in qualities and ways that do not downgrade the plant community’s basic reproductive functions”. Traditionally forests outputs have been considered synonymous with timber and allied products. All other forestry products are commonly known as Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs). With the growing importance of these products, NTFPs have been defined as “All the products obtainable from forests, besides wood for timber, fire wood and pulp wood” (Boaz et al. 2003). NTFPs play an important role in daily…show more content…
In Banaskantha district the majority of the area is hilly and contain dry mixed deciduous forest habitat. There are several communities of rural and tribal people living in forest and its adjoining areas. These people mainly depend upon forest fire wood, fodder, grazing, honey, `timru’ leaves, gum, wild fruits and parts of medicinal plant. As normal in case of the entire tribal villager in the forest area and the inhabitants of the villages around it have been to depended upon the forest resources for their day to day needs. They normally derive a variety of NTFP is from this forest area. NTFPs are increasingly since look the forward for their livelihood and economic purpose as potential income sources for forest community. In this forest area floristic and ecological research works are have been carried out by various researchers on different areas but very scanty work done regarding to NTFPs. Present study is main focused on some important and widely collected NTFPs, their exploitation status and contribution to community benefits and development in Banaskantha district forest…show more content…
METHODOLOGY: Literature survey will be carried out by the base line information on the proposed title from published, unpublished literature and Internet. Data collection will be conducted using a structured questionnaire (Tyagi et al. 2007). Analysis of collected data will be carried out for determining result the proposed objectives. It will help in identifying present status of NTFPs in the study area. Along with roll of tribal communities. Based on the conclusion sustainable conservation strategies will be developed. 5. SIGNIFICANCES OF THE WORK Globally, there is a high price to pay for deforestation causing global warming, shrinking forest capital loss of bio-diversity, soil erosion, flooding and threat to life of rural communities which depend on forest products for subsistence and income generation. NTFPs play a vital role in the international scenario owing to availability of the rich flora in India within all the economic groups. NTFPs are an important source of forest revenue and employment some 75% of total revenue from the forestry sector is from NTFPs. NTFPs is also attributed to 55% of the total employment generated in tribal

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