Sleep Hygiene Research Paper

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Nighttime routines/sleep hygiene & the importance of them
Why does observing a healthy bedtime routine important for having a sound sleep and good health? --- About third of adults in United States experience insomnia at some stage. Most Americans don 't get required 6-8 hours sleep each night. A research showed that around one-third of peoples in first-world countries wake up before their normal waking up time for one reason or the other. Generally, most of us that have reached the age of 20 and above have one sleeping problem at one time or another and at least experiences sleeping problems few times in a year. All these are problems that observing good sleep hygiene can overcome.
According to Wedmd, Sleep
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Turn Off All Devices: Turn off your computer, Smartphones and other devices thirty minutes before your bedtime. Being expose to these devices ' screens right before your bedtime can suppress the production of melatonin, an important sleep hormone in your body. This hormone plays a vital role in maintaining your Circadian rhythm.
Use CPAP Therapy: With increase in technology, you can now sleep better using a special therapy that helps you sleep better at night. CPAP which implies Continuous positive airway pressure therapy uses technology to cure your obstructive sleeping problems. It works by lowering your blood pressure during the day and night, those with sleeping problems can add CPAP therapy to their nighttime routine to experience a better
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Turning off your light can help you sleep better; you can also eliminate other source of light by turning your appliances off instead of leaving them at standby. Make your sleep as comfortable as possible; get an adequate mattress for your size, firm pillows and a quality sheet. Adjust the temperature of the room to suite you taste. Eliminate all source of noise that can disrupt your sleep. All these are very crucial in helping you maintain good sleep
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