Importance Of Nighttime Routines

791 Words4 Pages Nighttime routines/sleep hygiene & the importance of them Why does observing a healthy bedtime routine important for having a sound sleep and good health? --- About third of adults in United States experience insomnia at some stage. Most Americans don 't get required 6-8 hours sleep each night. A research showed that around one-third of peoples in first-world countries wake up before their normal waking up time for one reason or the other. Generally, most of us that have reached the age of 20 and above have one sleeping problem at one time or another and at least experiences sleeping problems few times in a year. All these are problems that observing good sleep hygiene can overcome. According to Wedmd, Sleep hygiene refers to practices, habits, and environmental factors that are important for getting sound sleep. The four general areas important to sleep hygiene are the circadian rhythm (24-hour cycle), ageing, psychological stressors that cause mini-awakenings (in which the brain wakes up for just a few seconds), and stimulant use. Shutterstock image WHY DOES A PROPER SLEEP HYGIENCE MATTER? A study showed that inadequate sleep can lead to lots of health and physical challenges. In study conducted on a rodent, it showed that lack of sleep for a long time led to brain cells dying. This goes to show that sleeping less due to pressure of office or family can be devastating, one research in particular showed that deprivation of sleep for just

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