Importance Of Nonverbal Communication In Law Enforcement

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This research paper will analyze the importance of nonverbal communication within the field of law enforcement. The idea of this research is to show that nonverbal communication always exists between a police officer and a suspect. At first, it will be important to explain what is nonverbal communication, so a little introduction will explain where it is possible to find signs of nonverbal communication (for example the way someone stands or sits, his gestures and his facial expressions). Then, the goal will be to show the relation of authority between a suspect and a police officer, to know what is a real lie (S. MANN, A. VRIJ, R. BULL), and to detect lies even when there are almost no movements. In order to write this paper properly I will…show more content…
In fact, according to Darwin “humans do these things because over the course of their evolutionary history such behaviors have acquired communicative value: they provide others with external evidence of an individual's internal state…show more content…
First, the nonverbal communication is opposed to the verbal communication and could be define as: “oral and non-oral messages expressed by other than linguistic means.” This rules out not only sign languages but also written words, but it includes messages transmitted by vocal means that don’t involve language—sighs, laughs, and other utterances … . So many parameters make nonverbal communication more complex than verbal communication, for example the multitude of dimensions involved during a conversation as mentioned just above. The second one is that nonverbal communication is continuous, which means that it can be really easy to miss some nonverbal signs whereas verbal communication is interrupted by silences. The third one is about ambiguity; nonverbal signs are not as clear as a word when it comes to the definition of a

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