Importance Of Nonverbal Communication In The Classroom

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Communication is an ongoing process of sending and receiving messages that enables human to share knowledge, ideas, thoughts, information, feelings, emotions, and attitudes. It requires a medium in which the communicated information is understood by both sender and receiver. There are two media, verbal and non-verbal, which are simultaneously used for communication. Non-verbal correspondence is typically comprehended as the procedure of correspondence through sending and accepting silent messages. Messages can be imparted through motions and touch, through non-verbal communication or blurb, by outward appearance and eye contact. Experts have revealed that 65% to 90% of the communication is non-verbal. To explore the importance of nonverbal communication in actual classroom setting and to investigate the effect of the skill on teaching-learning process. The study will promote awareness in both teachers and the taught about non-verbal communication. It would also pave the way for introducing new trends in the teaching learning process for promoting better learning of the English language students. The recommendations of the study will be useful for educators, English language teachers and curriculum planners.
A man may utilize his/her non-verbal communication viably in regular life purposefully or unexpectedly and for the most part unknowingly. Past that, a man can not control his/her body as he/she controls the words. Our body gives a great deal more
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