Importance Of Norms In International Relations

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Essay one
Do ‘Norms’ really matter in contemporary international relations?
The purpose of this essay is to establish the importance of ‘Norms’ in International Relations.

What is Norms?

When we think about norms the first thing that came to my mind is what do we mean by norms? There are thousand of definitions about norms. I think norm means certain believes and behaviours that is practiced by the people of a state. For an example in Bangladesh people practice few norms such as respect elders, love youngers and many more. Norms is something for which if you don’t practiced it you won’t be punished by law but people of your society will see as a crime. Philpott argues that norms can be defined as “rules viewed as obligatory by the broad majority of people living under them” which are usually or customarily practised. Kratochwil and Keohane concur that a norm is a standard of behaviour defined in terms of rights and obligations. That explains that norms is something that decides some boundaries in society but if you break it you will not be punished. Martha Finnemore and Kathryn Sikkink (1991) explains that there are also several different types of norms that exist. Regulatory norms define what behaviours states can or cannot do. Constitutive norms set up new actors, behaviours, or interests. Prescriptive norms prescribe actions or non actions that are to be taken in certain situations. This last type of norm is usually overlooked for various reasons.
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