Importance Of Nurse Client Relationship In Nursing

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Virginia Henderson indicated that the priority of the nurse is to help patients do what they would have done themselves if they were in good health. The ANA took it further by developing the Code of Ethics for Nurses which provides guidelines that they must follow to be diligent in their field. Provision 1, for example, stipulates that "the nurse must practice with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth and unique attributes of every person" (Olson & Stokes, 2016). Being in the hospital can be frightening for patients and families. When illness strikes, they must leave the comfort of their home and entrust their lives to strangers. I am a devout Catholic, and part of what brought me into nursing is the respect of human life.…show more content…
It is purely therapeutic and should be planned, time-limited, and goal-oriented. Imogene King explained this further when she developed her Theory of Goal Attainment. She stipulated that interactions between the nurse and the patient must result in goal achievement (Webber, 2015). Therefore, the nurse must meet the client needs and help them regain control of their health. Regardless of the context or the duration this relationship, the nurse has the obligation to respect the client 's dignity, promote their autonomy, and respect their privacy. One of the most important attributes of nurse-client relationship is trust, which is necessary to maintain the collaborative nature of the relationship. To develop trust, nurses must "be reliable, knowledgeable, with sufficient experience, and with a genuine desire to help patients" (Ozaras & Abaan, 2016). As a nurse, I need valuable information from patients to provide optimal care, and if there is no trust between both parties, patients will restraint from…show more content…
The goal of this assignment was to help students provide their own philosophy of nursing. The Bible teaches us to care for one another without distinction. As a soon to be a graduate nurse, my personal philosophy of nursing is to provide safe and effective care to my clients, be their advocate, and help them move to the highest level of wellness. I also have the obligation to put their interest first and promote their autonomy as much as possible. Before nursing school, I wasn 't aware of the scientific basis of nursing practice. But as I move to the professional world, I ought to reconcile my personal view of nursing with evidence-based practice to provide the best care possible. My plan is to become a gerontology nurse, in part to fulfill my dream of caring for older adults, but most importantly because this area of nursing requires a lot of patience, effective listening, respect, and
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