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A therapeutic nurse-patient relationship can be defined as the helping relationship which is based on common or in other words reciprocal trust and respect, the sustenance of both faith and hope, being sensitive with one self and others, and aiding with the fulfillment of one ‘s patient 's physical, sentimental, and spiritual needs with the means of one’s knowledge and ability. This caring relationship will develop when nurse and the patient come together as one in the occasion , resulting into cooperation and healing. Both adequate as well as efficient verbal and nonverbal communication is an essential element of the nurse-patient interaction. This therefore provides a care that in turn will enable your patient to be an equal partner in terms of attaining his or her own wellbeing back.…show more content…
In nursing, empathy consists of correct emotional distance from the patient to safeguard neutrality and an appropriate competent response. The nurse-client relationship nature is that of unequal power. Despite the fact that the nurse may not immediately grasp it, the nurse is in possession of more power than the client. The nurse has more dominance and influence in the health care system, professional knowledge, access to powerful information, and the capability to show support and defense for the client and the client’ s relatives, Newman (2005) pointes out. The proper use of power, in a caring manner, allows the nurse to associate with the client to satisfy the client’s needs. When one makes misuse of power it is to be considered as abuse. The College of Nurses of Ontario , (2006) maintains that there are four basic statements, each followed by indicators, which give a descriptions of a nurse’s responsibilities when it comes to the nurse-client relationship. The indicators are not extensive ; rather they are broad declarations that nurses can adjust to suit their specific practice…show more content…
Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, (2002) report that the nurse can carry out this task by strongly including their patient as a partner in care due to the fact that the client is the rue expert on his/her own life. Identifying what the patient ’s goals, aspirations and desires and making them the core of the care program. Maintaining boundaries focuses on nurses being responsible for effectively beginning and keeping the limits or bounds found within the therapeutic nurse-client relationship. To meet this particular standard the nurse can start by setting up and managing the appropriate boundaries within the relationship. Additionally helping the client understand when his/her demands are stepping beyond the limits set of the therapeutic relationship. Safeguarding the patient from abuse is another duty nurses hold. Protecting the patient from violence by make sure that abuse is interfered with , or put to a stop and reported to higher authority. Intervening and reporting, when needed, any events of both verbal and non-verbal behaviors that show contempt towards the

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