Importance Of Nursing Courage

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Caring and courage are equally important to the profession of Nursing because, without care, courage could not stand alone and vice versa. Each person has experienced different types of care and courage in their life. Care and courage have many definitions, and these are one of them. Caring is an act where a nurse gives their best at what they can do for a patient and is “based on genuine compassion, combined with humility, and this enables patients to retain their dignity” (Thorup et al., 2012). A nurse can care for a patient physically and mentally, spiritually, and religiously. Courage is the “state of mind that enables one to dare do something, to act,” (Thorup et al., 2012) and a skill that can bring benefits to a patient and the caregiver.…show more content…
The first category is, the patient must be the one to invite the nurse to provide them with spiritual care and this could occur verbally or non-verbally. As stated earlier, Nurses can observe how their patients are feeling. While observing the patient, the nurse can read the situation, and if the patient looks like they are inviting for spiritual care, it is alright to proceed. The nurse should wait until the patient is ready to open the door. This is a time where giving them spiritual care can help themselves to understand what is happening physically. This usually happens when there is a change in lifestyle. The second category is where the nurse or the patient decides not to go into spiritual care. One might give a signal and the other will avoid it. For nurses, it is sometimes hard to engage spiritual care with their busy schedule, but that doesn’t mean the process stops there when there is no more engagement of the topic. The patient and nurse can both choose when to engage in spiritual care. The third category is the where spiritual care is actualized. A connection was made between the nurse and the patient. The nurse can then promote the patients’ self-reflection, connection with a god/high power, and the connection between patient and family. The patient will communicate and ask questions they don’t understand about their sickness and question the meaning it has in their life. Nurses can engage in connection with god/higher power when appropriate. They can adhere to rituals by praying and facilitating ritual rites. Connections with patient and family build a relationship that validates the meaning of the patient’s life and creates a greater

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