Importance Of Nursing Informatics

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Healthcare is the way to improve or maintain health through diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, injury, illness and mental problems in humans.
Informatics is the science whereby data is processed for storage and retrieval of information and computer information systems.
Health Informatics is a term that that describes the acquiring, storing, retrieving of healthcare information, communications and information technology to improve the quality and safety of patient. It is also called health informatics, clinical informatics, medical informatics, nursing informatics, or biomedical informatics in healthcare. Healthcare informatics uses health information technology to improve health care.
One of the greatest challenges in healthcare today is the entering, processing and managing of the growing volume of healthcare data, of which health informatics helps in managing, acquiring and storing the data efficiently to provide high quality care for the patient.
Informatics can be broadly be describe as study and practice of creating, storing, finding, manipulating and sharing information. It is application of information technology to practically any field, but for the purpose of this study we will only consider nursing informatics.
Nursing informatics is defined as science that integrates nursing science, information science and computer science to promote the health of people, families and communities worldwide. Nursing
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