Quality Improvement Paper

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A. Goal: Work on assessing areas for Quality Improvement in the organization by attending various meetings related to quality 1. (Specific) Attend Quality Improvement Meetings (Measureable) (Areas are being identified by scores either higher or lower) to learn about areas that are in need of improvement in the organization. (Achievable) This is achievable, because areas of improvement is the essence of the meeting. (Realistic) This goal can be completed by attending the meeting. (Time limited) Will attend Medical-Surgical Line Meeting Held by Helene the week of October 14th. 2. (Specific) Attend Med-Surgical Leadership Manager’s Meetings with Helene (Measurable) Areas that were already being discussed will be…show more content…
Attended Magnet Champion Meeting that was lead by Helene on September 23.rd Learned about accomplishments for each unit. For example, one unit had no falls for 30 days and another had no hospital acquired central line bloodstream infection (CLABSI). Helene provided the committee an update on Magnet Re-designation process. Challenges to Re-designation were discussed: new EMR taking the time of energy of staff, difficult increasing awareness of staff about re-designation, new generation “just doing their time.” Suggestions to increase awareness included spending a few minutes in daily huddles to give Magnet updates, providing tips on screensavers, having a bulletin board with updates each month, look at Magnet as “celebrating nursing.” The benefits of Magnet were discussed. The Rex Nursing Professional Practice Model were discussed. At the center of the model is excellent patient outcomes. Nurses support the organization and are the foundation of the model. Next meeting nursing strategic plan will be discussed. Helene discussed with me “appreciative inquiry.” Helene explained that while she is aware that there are things in the organization that are not running smoothly, she decided to start the meeting using “appreciative inquiry” by using the positive principle and looking at strengths of different
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