Supervision In Nursing Care

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Supervision is an educational process in which someone with higher training or more experience takes the responsibility of training someone with less experience. When the superior and the supervised combine their effort, they will achieve the highest level of performance of which the worker is capable of. Supervisory is carried out by a supervisor to monitor the progress of employees that actually reports to them. Nursing supervisor performs professional supervisory practice in the care of the physically and mentally ill. It is the responsibility of the supervisory nurse to supervise the provision of quality nursing care given at the facility to know the way forward. Skill For Care{2007} defined supervision as an accountable process…show more content…
{Gill, 2001}. This is accomplished through the use of various supervisory styles and largely relies on a foundation of trust and safety that is created in the early supervisory relationship. It is a long accepted position that high quality supervision is critical to good practice {Lord Laming 2009}. It is one of the single most effective oversight and review and it is critical in ensuring practitioners develop and maintain critical mindset in a reflective way. Practitioners, who are well supported, receive supervision and have access to training are more likely to think clearly and exercise professional discretion {Brandon et al…show more content…
Burton {2009} states that supervision session should support and challenge practitioners, helping them to avoid the temptation to slip uncritically into either an analysis skewed by bias and unfounded assumption or simply defaulting to the entrenched ‘agency view”. Supervisors to maintain curiosity during and outside of supervision will help the process.

At work the purpose of clinical supervision is mainly to provide safe and cool environment for staff to reflect or rather discuss their work and their personal and professional responses to their work. It helps nurses to review their professional standards, keep up to date professional development, identify where there is need for training, discuss patient case in depth etc. In the hospital supervisory nurses plays vital role in the care of patients. For example a neuro-surgery was booked as an emergency, all teams were prepared to take the case, and then a supervisory nurse approached us and informed us about lack of oxygen in the hospital. She end up saving the situation as the case was cancelled and patient referred to another hospital.

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