Importance Of Nursing Theory

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Today, nursing profession had advanced to the highest degree, shifting from dependence on total medical direction in delivering basic care, into an independent practice by using nursing theories, models and nursing interventions. Nursing practice must be based on nursing theories and this is what makes nursing as a profession. Nursing theories gives a direction and acts as a guide for structured professional nursing practice, education and research. Effective and efficient nursing care is based on prompt assessment, intervention and evaluation, and nursing theories is used as a guide for nurses to deliver high quality of care. In order to have an effective decision making and implementation, nursing theories would be able to provide a rational for collection of data that is reliable and valid regarding the patient’s health status. Nursing theories also helps to institute criteria to measure the quality of nursing care. Nursing theories is known to enhance the autonomy of nursing and build a common nursing terminology that is used in communicating with other healthcare providers.

Nursing theory is a systematic recommendations associated with questions linked into the discipline of nursing. Nursing theory provides a perspective from which defines what, who and when nursing is needed and at the same time identifies the boundaries and goals of nursing therapeutics activities. A nursing theory is a set of relationships, expectations, suggestion and ideas derived from nursing
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