Importance Of Nursing Theory

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According to McCrae, (2012) the value of a profession is built on the ability to create and apply theory. The use of theory and evidence-based practice is needed to promote quality care and positive outcomes for patients. “Nursing is a professional discipline, and nursing theory guides and informs practice” (Watson and Nelson, 2012, p 3). The purpose of this assignment is to a) identify a nursing theory, b0 analyze the importance of the nursing theorist to the nursing profession, c) summarize the concepts and relationships among the concepts of the nursing theory , and d) to present the views of the nursing theory on the Executive Nurse Specialty. Theories are used to distinguish nursing from other disciplines, provide structure, and to guide nursing practice; therefore, it is essential that nursing continue to develop theories. Nursing knowledge presented in a formal manner helps promote a professional identity and communicates nursing’s value in the healthcare profession. Although identified as a caring profession, the ongoing changes in nursing have brought increasing responsibilities, which can impact caring and desensitize the care given to patients. Caring theories address the issue of caring in nursing and use of the caring model can keep caring at the heart of nursing. Dr. Jean Watson introduced her caring theory. My introduction to Watson’s theory occurred in nursing school. The connection was instantaneous as I identified with each of the then carative
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