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Nutrition is required to provide the body with the right fuels so that it can remain healthy or return to a state of health. Good health is about good balance of mind, body and spirit.

Major factors affecting health are stress, digestion, absorption, circulation and elimination. An imbalance in one of the above will have an effect on all of the others.
Good nutrition is fundamental to good physical health but stress can have a crippling affect on our health.

When eating processed, low quality foods the body is not provided with sufficient nutrients and has difficulty in eliminating them. Poor quality foods, drains energy which is required to support the immune system.

The primitive diet consisted of simple, unvaried, freshly gathered, enzyme enriched foods, which were eaten when fresh. Enzymes are
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Vitamin A is found in vegetables and yellow fruit.

Vitamin D – is required for proper growth of bones and ultra violet rays aids in the conversion of Vitamin D. Natural sources are from fish, eggs, milk butter and cheese. A condition known as rickets can develop if there is lack of Vitamin D.

Vitamin E - one of the major functions of vitamin E is as a powerful antioxidant. It is also an antithrombotic and helps scar tissue heal and help strengthen heart muscle.

Vitamin F - is the name used collectively for the essential fatty acids. Sources include all fresh vegetable oils, evening primrose oil.

Vitamin K – helps with blood clotting.

Calcium is required for healthy bones and teeth and is found in foods such as leafly green vegetables and broccoli. Pregnant and post-menopausal women are advised to take Calcium supplements.

Magnesium is required for heart function as is Potassium.
Sodium is related to the body’s fluid balance and blood pressure. Dietry sodium comes from table salt. Too much sodium intake can lead to raised blood pressure and fluid

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