Importance Of Nutrition In Nursing

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Our body needs nutrition requirement to stay healthy and strong. Tube feedings are given when a client cannot eat or drink enough to have adequate nutrition for the body, a person having deformity of mouth or esophagus, difficulty in swallowing or keeping food down or even a client needs to receive certain medication.
Basically, body healing process needs good nutrition and fluid to prevent body from dehydration. Through gastrostomy tube, it allows the delivery of supplemental nutrition and medications directly into the stomach. A gastrostomy is a feeding tube that is inserted directly into the stomach either surgically under direct vision (open or laproscopic), endoscopically (with a camera), or radiologically (x-ray guidance). It also provides
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As the role of nurses as a educators, it involves participants of client itself and family. Therefore, nurses must be skilled in assessing the client’s needs and in setting priorities to meet the most critical of these needs before discharge planning for client. Moreover, clients are influenced by beliefs and values often different from the nurse’s. Limited reading or writing skills, language barrier, difficulty in understanding are the problems nurses will faced and so, nurses needs to be creative, open and flexible in giving health…show more content…
Also, educate client on importance of hygiene by washing hands when handling gastrostomy tubes, food or medication as it is a way to reduce risk of infection. Small dressing also can be applied over the tube outlet and the gastrostomy tube can be held in place by a thin strip of adhesive tape that is first placed around the tube and firmly attached at client’s abdomen. Explain to clients that the dressing helps protect the skin around incision from seepage of gastric and spillage of feeding. Wound infection are the most common complication postoperative course, therefore client needs to be monitored for any potential complication. Instruct client and family to report any sign of infection such as bleeding, unusual discharge and fever for further act of

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