Importance Of Nutrition In Sport

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I think nutrition is necessary, regardless of the sport that you do for the athlete is one of the three pillars that sustain the physical form of an athlete no matter the area of the sports practice is. The food is as important as a good night's sleep before a competition, or even a series of exercises that you plan based on that sport. Nowadays the medicine has an area intended only for a specific nutrition for each athlete by sports category, but per person a type of food for each individual based on the needs of that athlete. But there may be mistakes generalize this kind of nutrition does not work. Different person has different needs, so that’s the “nutritional medicine” does for them, an eating plan for each one. Nutrition is important for everybody, but an athlete has different needs and specific ones. A bad eating plan can affect directly their performance. Their need for nutrients is greater than average citizen, depends the gender and age. The food we eat impacts on our training, strength, recovery and performance. Not only the type of food that we eat impact directly, but also the quantity that we eat during the day also affects the body’s ability to recovery. What you eat before and after exercising is so important for your performance levels. The right balancing between protein, carbohydrates and fat, personalized for…show more content…
However, competitive sport does not always represent synonymous with balance in the body. Physiological changes and nutritional burns generated by physical exertion can lead the athlete to the threshold of health and illness if there is no adequate compensation for these events. However, the magnitude of exercise responses seems to be associated with the interaction of different variables, such as the nature of the stimulus, the duration and intensity of the exercise, the degree of training and the nutritional status of the
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