Importance Of Objectives In Management

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3.2 IMPLEMENTATION ACTIVITIES RELATED TO CONCEPT The practical importance of objectives in management can best be seen by summarizing how successful managing by objectives works in practice. Stages of Management by Objectives Process are Defining the organizational goals Defining employees’ objectives Continuous monitoring performance and progress Performance evaluation Providing feedback Performance appraisal Let’s explain each of the MBO process in details Defining the organizational goals To ensure organization effectiveness, there must be an established set of goals and they serve a number of purposes. Organizations can have several sets of goals and all them must be appropriately managed. Setting of goals usually involves different kinds of managers. Preliminary goals are set by the superiors based on an analysis and interpretation as to what can and what should be accomplished by the organization within a specific period of time Define Employees Objectives When you’ve ascertained that the employees’ managers have informed them of the general objectives, strategies and planning premises, the managers can get down to work with the employees making the objectives known to them. The manager asks the employees to state the goals they believe can be accomplished, the resources needed and in what time period. This will be followed by discussion of some preliminary thoughts regarding the feasible goals for the company or department. Continuous monitoring
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