Importance Of Objectivism In Research

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Methodology is concerned with the study type and data collection techniques that can be used. The methodology to be used in this research is a descriptive and non- experimental method. It involves the systematic collection and presentation of data to be used in analysis of the marketing strategy of Tick school. The participants in this study will be drawn from the management of Tick Schools and operational staff. Data will be collected through qualitative questionnaires, in-depth interviews and secondary data within the organisation. As Mishler (1990) stated no study conforms exactly to a customary methodology; each one calls for the researcher to mix the methodology to the individual setting.
The aims of the study are outlined
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The meaning from the definition is that the social occurrences and categories the uses in everyday dialogue have an existence that that is independent or separate from actors Bryman and Bell (2007, p. 21). Hair et al (2007, p.153) puts up an argument that states “it is quantitative approaches which provide objectivity in that hypothesis that are tested.” Bryman and Bell agrees with this thought and add that objectivism looks more at culture and subculture as an…show more content…
Punch (2008) adds that qualitative research not only uses numerical and unstructured data but has research questions and methods which are more wide-ranging at the start, and become more focused as the study advances.
Barbour (2008, p.11-140) brings out distinctive points on qualitative research which are;
1. Answers very difficult questions from those addressed by quantitative research.
2. Can make visible and unpick the mechanisms which link particular variables, by looking at explanations, or accounts provided by those involved.
3. Helps to understand apparently unreasoned behaviors
4. It explains apparent discrepancies
5. It can provide detailed accounts of experience.
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