Personal Narrative: My Study Hall Class

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The person in question whom I observed was an unknown face to me. I had been in a study hall class in my schools business room/computer lab when I observed them. We were alone except the teacher. Yet it was amazing what I saw and felt happen as they worked.
I could see them at first sitting with perfect posture and position as we are taught in computer typing classes. They seemed eager for the task they were working on and thoughtful to their surroundings and keeping the still atmosphere for the teacher. From my vantage point I could just barely see that they were making a powerpoint presentation, although I did not know what it was for until after.
As the time seemed to move sluggishly through the hour and a half stretch that was our class they seemed also to grow more lethargic. I noticed it first in their posture, which had been steadily worsening as they sunk deep into the chair and moved closer towards the keyboard and computer screen. They seemed to be having some trouble reading the words on the screen as they moved slowly down pages of what I’m sure was facts or information of their topic. The room around us seemed still and stale as stagnant water. Yet then started
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As I turned as well to see what could cause this I noticed, we only had twenty minutes left of class. The song changed rapidly at that point no longer was there any rhythm nor was there any pause. Finger thudded loudly against the hard pressed key. No longer did their toes tap out an even beat but their knee jogged in a thundering cacophony of sound that could not be heard. The sweating stream of energy now roared as a white river following pages blurred. Eyes rapidly blinking and shoulders painfully hunched formed boulders around which the river parted. I could not keep my heart silent as it sped to match this breakneck cadence adding a pounding
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