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Everyone goes through their daily routine without much regard to trivial routines or strange yet common happenings. All of us just approach these occurrences as “Things that Happen in Our Life” and do not put too much of their thinking into it. These peculiar incidents is what comedians, who have perfected the art of ‘Observational Comedy’, target and magnify in their comedic acts. Why is observational comedy funny? “It’s funny because it is true!”

Where did that come from?
Comedy before the 70’s was based on comedic sketches, situational comedy, and acts filled with punch-lines. But then, comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Crystal, and Larry David ushered in a new era . Comedians decided to change things in the comedy world. Comedy was
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They cancel each other out, so I’m even” . In this joke Henry Cho stereotypes Koreans as smart and people from the south of the United States as dumb.
One topic that is quite popular among observational comedians is about airports. George Carlin and Jerry Seinfeld have thrived in this regard. George Carlin is extremely offensive but his bit “Airport Security” is full of observational comedy . Jerry Seinfeld commented on plane safety demonstrations. Quoting him, “They show you how to use the seatbelt, in case you haven’t been in a car since 1965. ‘Oh, you lift up on the buckle! Oh! I was trying to break the metal apart. I thought that’s how it
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Every time the comic begins his/her joke the person listening thinks, “Oh yeah, that happens all the time”. Another reason the audience finds observational comedy funny is because the audience is always left with the thought: “Why didn’t I think of that?” Both these factors combine to form an immediate bond between the performer and the audience. When listening to the performer, because of observational comedy, the audience realises that the performer is just like any other person. The performer goes through life much like the majority of the audience. This is the reason this genre of stand-up comedy is extremely popular. This genre provides the ultimate experience to the

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