Importance Of Obstacles In Life

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Obstacles in life is just like the game of Jenga. You take out a piece successfully and put it on top. But never forget that as we finish each turn, it only gets harder and harder to accomplish. One wrong move and it would cost you everything that you haveworked so hard achieve for. People like who I was, so focused and determined on succeeding, forgetting the fact that success also comes with failure. So vulnerable to the thought of failing that they derive themselves into self-placed miseries. But one crucial information that I fail to acknowledge was the fact that once the Jenga tower collapses you could always rebuild and start again. That 's when the beauty of life never fails to leave me in awe. We only have one life but it is on us whether we choose give up…show more content…
The series of tasks, problems challenges and difficulties that we have to face over the courses of our life.
Whether we conquer them with unfaltering perseverance or close our eyes, hoping for it to go away. We still have the choice to if we let that failure stop us from getting what we want.
Because what only makes obstacles, obstacles, are the fears we fail to acknowledge and the limitation we 're afraid to exceed.
The feeling of getting through an obstacle could only compare to the sweetness of chocolate or the bitterness of coffee. There is nothing in between. You can be celebrating about finally finishing a task one minute and be dreading for the ones to come next. The first time I have encountered an obstacle was back when I was made by my mom to make me choose between a Ferrari toy car or a superhero figurine. It wasn’t even my birthday yet somehow I have coerced my mom into taking me into the store. Maybe I didn’t. Maybe she just got so annoyed to the point she didn’t want to hear my persistent and childish whining anymore that she finally gave in. But that did not matter to seven year old me, all that mattered back then

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