Importance Of Occupational Safety And Health Management

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Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) also referred as Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) concerned the area of safety, health and welfare cover of activities or the people engaged in work. The conditions and the environment that affect the persons at the workplace are included under the field of OSH. The goals of OSH is to ensure the safety and health of the workplace environment and protect the co-workers, family members, employers and others who possible to be affected by the workplace surrounding or conditions. The risks of occupational accidents are happened in the workplace environment still high, so the prevention is needed. Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS)
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The safety and health culture in an organization is important towards the employee working attitude and behaviors because they undertake the risk of accident of organization. A safety and health culture should have the positive workplace attitudes and having a measurable safety and health goals with the policies and procedures as a reference tools. So, the role of management and employees involvement is important in safety and health culture to develop the positive faith, practices and attitudes in the organization (Bakri et al, 2006). Besides, the personnel training should be provided at all level of an organization as a basic right of individual. In order to improve continuously of the employees’ safety and health, OSH Management System is needed. According to Glendon and McKenna (1995), effective safety management is the combination of both functional and…show more content…
Basically, an OHSMS aim to reduce the hazard and risks at the organization. This guideline for OHSMS was developed by International Labour Organization (ILO). It’s also as a title of “Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health Management System”. This guideline can be define as the protection for worker’s safety and health and prevent themselves from the injury, disease or any incident or accident from the workplace. The primary goal of ILO is to promote workers obtain the better working condition of freedom, equity, security and human dignity. It also encourage the continuously improvement of worker’s safety and health via the process of policy, organization, planning and implementation, evaluation to determine the OSH

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