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2.4.2 Other laws with provisions related to Occupational Safety and Health
Besides the labour laws, a number of other pieces of legislation contain provisions related to Occupational Safety and Health. These are mentioned below in Table 2
Table 2.2: Laws containing Occupational Safety and Health related provisions
Electricity Act, 1910 and Electricity Rules 1937 • The Act and Rules regulate the production and use of electricity. Some of the rules require grounding of some equipment and affixing warning signs.
The Boilers and Pressure Vessels Ordinance, 2002 • The boilers and pressure vessels have to be registered with authorities. The insurance companies and third party certification companies have been authorized to examine the boilers
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2.5 National Policy Review Mechanisms
The improvement of Occupational Safety and Health is one of the cornerstones of the Labour and Manpower Policy announced by the Government of Pakistan in 2002. The policy envisages establishment of a Tripartite National Safety and Health Council . This Council will have representation from the workers, employers and the government agencies, besides the experts in the field of Occupational Safety and Health. The Council will have following major functions and areas of interest:
• To formulate a comprehensive national policy on occupational safety and health.
• To lay down principles and standards for specific economic activities and improvement of the existing laws and systems
• To strengthen the monitoring system of the Ministry of Labour to ensure effective implementation of the occupational safety and health laws.
The formation of this Council shows the resolve of the Government and the priority being accorded to the promotion of occupational safety and health.
2.5.1 Legal
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A major policy decision was to bring in a news law called as “Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance-2002”. This law will replace all the existing laws related to Occupational Health and Safety at workplaces. The promulgation of this ordinance as well as others announced in the Policy has been delayed due to some reasons, but this is on the agenda of labour related reforms of the government. This law is likely to give new energy to the efforts aimed at providing quality health and safety services to the workers and may result in adoption of standards and limits for working environment.
The Government of Pakistan in 2006 announced Labour Protection Policy and Labour Inspection Policy. Both the policies aim to provide motivation for the promotion and implementation of occupational safety and health in the country. The salient features of these policies include:
2.5.2 Labour Protection Policy

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