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The purpose of my report is to discuss the possibilities of improving the oil refineries in order to maximize their efficiency of them and minimize the pollution caused by oil refineries around the world. It is known that oil production is now one of the biggest factors that control the world economy and that oil products have changed our life to be more advanced and civilized. However, these oil products have to pass through many processes in an oil refinery before we can use them in our daily life causing many negative effects on our planet. One example of these negative effects is global warming. The structure of oil refineries should be improved to decrease these impacts. The methods of improving and the reasonability of each method will be discussed in my report


To find out possible ways of improving oil refinery, it is very important to understand how an oil refinery works and what is the typical mechanism of it. This section gives a general idea of a typical oil refinery.

A. Definition of refineries

Refinery in general is a processing unit at which valuable products are made
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However, oil refinery is considered a major factor that could cause air pollution, water contamination, global warming and so many other types of pollution (Mariano and La Rovere 1). Air pollution is caused by the emission of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. These emissions, eventually, will cause global warming, which is one of the biggest problems that threaten our planet. Water contamination is also one of the worst consequences of oil refineries, it prevents us from using the sea water, which is one of today’s biggest sources of potable water. Also, it kills so many species in marine life. The methods which could minimize these environmental effects are discussed in

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