Importance Of Online Learning: Virtually Valuable Or Digitally Deplorable

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Online Learning: Virtually Valuable or Digitally Deplorable? As said by Peter Singer, “The Internet, like the steam engine, is a technological breakthrough that changed the world.” With this breakthrough eventually came the evolution of distance learning for students everywhere. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, organizations and companies started to test the efficacy of online coursework, as well as CBT, or computer-based training. Although new and exciting, these early e-classes were expensive to produce and manage (Lee). However, the popularity of personal computers began to blossom by the 1990s, and new online software like video teleconferencing, video lectures, interactive lessons, animated demonstrations, slideshow presentations, email, and online chat groups enabled students and teachers to have stronger virtual communication, and online learning grew to become more commonplace (Lee). In recent years, online learning is anything but uncommon, and it is known that “about 96 percent of all large colleges and universities in the United States offer some form of distance learning” (Lee). It is true that the emergence of online learning was a major breakthrough for schools, but it may not be the most desirable to pursue on…show more content…
While some opponents may say that online learning is the most advantageous form of learning, in actuality it is considerably worse than the traditional face-to-face type of education because students are not physically monitored, several online institutions are questionable, and there is a
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