Importance Of Online Shopping

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Recently, online shopping has become very popular, especially among student. The growth of technology has made these a part and parcel of everyday lifestyle. The advent of debit/credit card is the smooth access to the World Wide Web has brought the shops from around the world to the desktop. This research personally have seen many of our friends, surfing through various online shopping sites and purchasing items. The student who is well versed in the use of internet and active in social media, know about online markets and have tried at least some of them. They are very particular that they get the best products available in the market and seek all the possible ways to secure the best products. This is where the role of online shopping sites emerges. This research is very relevant because it can give a clear image of the future of online shopping in Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Kuala Lumpur and the emerging trends in this particular field. The various…show more content…
These barriers happen because no cooperation with the other. So, the research have problem to find the information. Limitation of time Time is the one of the problems when research cannot do it. These barriers happen because a lot to do work and not enough time to finish this research 1.6 Definition of key terms 1.6.1 Online shopping We know that the internet is a marketing arm that is very effective. Whether we realize or not, the internet is actually industry that most expanded on this day (Saliyati Suhaimi, 2010). With the existence of internet in now, online shopping (OS) existed in the market. Online shopper has many competitors which competed among themselves to maintain in the market. 1.6.2 Safety Safety of goods is a very important thing. The customer deserves a complaint if an item that bought do not meet the requirements that had been pledged by seller. Customer always right to their opinion. 1.6.3 Quality of
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