Personal Narrative: My Oppurtunities In My Life

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In my foteen years of life i have missed many oppurtinies. I have missed many new experiences. I may regret some and might not even remember most. Some oppurtunities could have helped me advance mentally, physcsly or helped me in other ways, but i did not take them. Regretting events is not good for anyone or anything, because then you over think and feel even more angry at yourself and you wish you could go back and change your decision. Sometimes we need to miss these oppurtunities for our own good or because of we take them we can miss out on something else, sooner or later we will realize that. If i had taken som oppurtinies my life couldve changed one way or another. I could of have a different way of looking at the world. My personility…show more content…
People who i barely know and people who i have known for years. As for a support system i would have to say is my family. My family have always supported me. We support each other, and go through many things together. Yes, there is arguing and sometimes i wish to not have them, but what would i do without them. I do not think i can get the same support from other people, except some of my friends. For me it is very hard to open up to people. It takes me a long time for people to know me well. Even though people may become my friends very quickly and easily, I would rather let them do the talking and let them tell me about them. I do not have a problem with letting people to get know about me but it is a bit dificult and hard to open up or say what i feel. I have always been shy, unless im comfortable with the people and the enviroment tht is arpound me, im also kind of awkward. One person who is my support system is my older sister, Doriana (Dori). She is the closest person on this planet to me. We can relate alot and can laugh for hours. WE spent a lot of time together. She can get annoying sometimes but know i can trust her. I beleive her ententions are always for good. Dori is a wonderful person, she cares about others and shows it well. SHes and inspiration to many people around her even me. She supports me when im sad, emotianal, happy, anxious, and many more things. Dori helps me with my homework and my problems. We all need a Dori in our lifes. She will support you no matter the situation. I dont know what i wpuld do woth out her. Another peeson who i consider my support system is my mom. She has bewn there snce day one. AS every mother should she cares about me and my siblings. My mom helps the world go round. If i need anything shes there. She desverse so many things for how supportive dhe is. SHe is a great example of a wife, and mother. She has always told me to do things right and wit efort. I would not know what to
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