Importance Of Organization In Nursing Services

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THE IMPORTANCE OF ORGANIZATION IN NURSING SERVICES This concept is taken from Block 3, Module 1 which is entitled as “Basics of Organization”. Organization can simply be defined as a process of organizing. Organization can also be stated as a group of people co-operating or working under division of labor and members ranked in a hierarchical order of authority in other to achieve a purpose. 1.1 Personal context In a healthcare institution, nursing services play vital roles in preventive, curative and promoting good health for individuals, families and communities. A healthcare institution is never complete if nurses are not there to perform their nursing roles. Nurses are always the first people the patients encounter in a health institution…show more content…
Thus, improving the performance of nursing staff leading to achievement of healthcare institution goals and meeting the patients’ needs. Performance appraisal in nursing practice will make nurses to strive towards using good standards of care in treatment of patients. It improves working relationship and communication in nursing practice, develops nursing staff, ensures good promotion and good rewards in nursing practice. Performance appraisal identifies the weaknesses in nursing services and enables nurses to work on the identified problems. It doesn’t only develop nursing practice but aids in achieving excellence in the healthcare organization and giving complete nursing care to patients and…show more content…
The purpose of performance appraisal in nursing practice includes; • To develop the nursing staff • Enhance good communication pattern and maintain good working relationship • To identify the weaknesses and causes of unsatisfaction among nursing staff • To reward or recommend appropriately • To identify appropriate trainings to help nurses meet the performance that is required of them • To help nurse managers guide and counsel appropriately Performance appraisal is of great relevance to nursing profession which include; • Creating good communication among staff • Identifying and solving weaknesses in nursing practice • Helps to achieve great excellence in service and development of healthcare organization • Enables nurses to give standard care to patients. These listed importance of performance appraisal result in great outcome in nursing practice which include; • Enhancing work performance of nursing staff • Creating good communication among nursing staff • Meeting up with the developmental needs of the staff • Motivating nursing staff

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