Importance Of Organizational Change

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Introduction: Organizational Change Change is consistent in nature. During a course of its operation, a business, goes through many changes. The change may be due to political, economic or other reasons. To survive and flourish in operations, the business should adapt itself to meet the change successfully. The organization can adapt to change by making changes in technology, process, people or structure. However, adapting to change is not an easy task. Studies have proved that 70% of initiatives undertaken by organization tend to fail. The chances to failure can be reduced by applying scientific tools to manage organizational change(Mourfield, 2014). Organizational change refers to the company or organization undergoing a change process. It happens when business strategies are altered to meet organizational goals and objectives. Organizational change can be a success or an experiment. For organizational change to be successful, it is important that all the employees are aligned and motivated to meet the change positively. There are various models which can produce and manage change effectively among the employees, like, Kurt Lewin 's change management model, McKinsey 's 7S model and Kotter 's 8 step change model(Mourfield, 2014). This paper will involve studying and analyzing the use of Kotter 's 8 step change model, for managing employees during organizational change effectively, in Verizon Communications Inc.
Importance of Organizational Change Organizational change
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