The Organizational Culture In The Workplace

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1. Introduction
The strong organizational culture of workers provides a clear way of understanding how things are done and provides stability to the organization.
Organizations like nations have a distinctive culture and organizational culture provides basic assumptions and norms that guide and direct the behavior and attitude within the organization. It is difficult to separate organizational culture from the national culture هn which the organization operates.
This paper aims to identify the nature of the culture of the organization and to achieve this purpose, this paper deals with the following:
1. The general concept of culture
2. The concept of the culture of the organization.
3. organizational values
4. The components of the culture
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Organizational culture is necessary to determine the different dimensions of the analysis of various components of with a high degree of specificity and clarity, but There are three components of culture, namely, the component of faith, which is the values, ethics, beliefs and ideas espoused by the individual and the material component, and includes all that the members of the society produce or deal with, the machinery and equipment available and the behavioral component, and it appears in the customs and traditions followed by the members of society in addition to the arts, Different circumstances and events Culture is a mixture of these three components in varying degrees including knowledge, Law and custom and all other abilities and customs acquired by man in terms of being a member of a society with digging and honoring all the values that serve the human, which opens the door to reason for all useful knowledge and…show more content…
2.2 the concept of organizational culture
Kathryn Baker (2002) has mentioned that the concept has emerged clearly during 1980s and repeatedly in research publications where behavioral and organizational scientists have continued to build the culture of the organization as a contribution to analyzing the work and goals of organizations.
There are many definitions of organizational culture and some are known through their components, others are known through the influence of those elements and components on the behavior and jobs of employees.
An integrative definition of the concept of “culture of the organization” can be obtained by examining the different definitions presented by the researchers and scientists as mentioned hereunder:
Peter & Waterman (1980) defined it as "the dominant system of values organized through the cultural production of its members, which is the stories, legends and logos of the Organization"
Greenberg & Baron (1999) defined it as "a cognitive framework of ewmployees attitudes, values, standards of behavior and

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