What Is Organisational Culture

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Organisational structure
Organisational structure is the pattern of relationships among the positions and members of the organisation. Organisation structure creates the process of management and identifies a framework of order and command. Through this framework activities of the organisations can be planned, organised, directed and controlled. The structure defines tasks and responsibilities, work roles and relationships, and channels of communication.
Multifunctional structure
It is a structure with an experimental component. It combines parts that carries weight with places for electronic wiring and thermal control. Having these things being combined makes the spacecraft lighter.
Multi divisional structure
It is a corporate structure with
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Organisational culture.
Organisational culture is a system of shared values, assumptions, beliefs, and norms that unite the members of the organisation. Organisational culture reflects employee’s views in relation to the way things are done. Organizational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave in organisations.
Power culture
A power culture is someone dominating an individual or a group of people. Who are working in the orgnisation. The particular person who has the power will take the decisions and they will not allow others to interfere when they take decisions.
Role culture
Role culture means different individuals will be assigned with different roles to complete their roles role culture will help to reduce confusion because their roles will be clearly assigned to them and their duty is to only fulfil their roles. role culture will only take place within the same
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Companies must not overload employees and regularly must motivate the employees to improve the skills.

Effective Communication

The role of a manager is to communicate well with employees. If employees do not feel that they are opinions matter they will lose their interest. The manager must consider the opinions of their employees before taking major decisions.
Relationship at work
It is important for employees to have friends in the place they are working. Employees needs friends to talk and discuss. Companies needs to give freedom to the employees to talk with their workers if the freedom is not given employees will start to stressed and frustrated.
Age will be an inborn character generally the younger people will have more ambitions, adventurous and they will be willing to take and they will adapt quickly whereas the older people is less ambitious, they will not like to take risk and they will not adapt well.
The religion and culture will be very important for a person’s attitude. Those people who are religious are supposed to be with good values for example honest and will not talk behind people’s
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